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Twin Girls Find a Safe Space at GROW

In the fall of 2021 GROW had reached its full capacity and there wasn’t any more space for new children. One day Susan*, holding her 2-year old twin girls, knocked on the door. Even though there was no space, the director was strongly convicted in her heart to accept these twins, Lena* and Liza*.

Two girls find safe space at GROW Non-Profit For Middle Eastern Children

Their story is heartbreaking. They come from a home where the father is in prison and the mother has no other option than to leave her children at home by themselves while she goes out on the street to collect plastic bottles to make a living. Besides Lena and Liza, she has an older daughter, a 9 month-old baby, and she is pregnant again.

The home situation has become increasingly unsafe; with the help of the NGO ‘SOS’ GROW has been able to provide healthy food, formula, clean clothes, medication, school sponsorship, food vouchers and psychological support.

Often, we cannot completely change the situation of the children, but through the love and care shown by the staff at GROW, they get a glimpse of God’s heart. They are protected from a worse situation and we pray that their time at GROW will have a lasting impact on them, their mother and other siblings.


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