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Family Life Transformed

Almost nine years ago, we received a little girl named Yurina. Her mother is a Kurdish Syrian refugee, and at the time she was living in a tiny room with five other families, not her relatives. Through the center, and our staff praying for her, Yurina’s mother was able to find a job, an apartment, and her husband returned from Turkey where he was trying to get to Germany, because he found a job in Beirut. Today, the family is doing very well. Yurina is an intelligent young girl attending Lebanese primary school. She speaks English, Arabic and Kurdish. Her mother is a believer in Jesus and attends a Kurdish church. The family has grown, and Yurina’s little brother now attends the preschool. God used GROW to bless this family in meeting their material, educational and spiritual needs.

Mother and daughter at GROW Non-Profit For Middle Eastern Children


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