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GROW Programs

At GROW, we practice a holistic approach to strengthening marginalized families and creating stronger communities in Beirut, Lebanon. Our center is women-led and women-run, supporting the fight against the marginalization of women.

We educate over 100 children at a time across 6 age-based classrooms, preventing educational delays. Our 25 local women staff are trained in the best early childhood development methods and trauma-informed practices. Through our Adult Mentoring Program, we impact families by providing training in good parenting skills and a safe space for their children's growth. Additionally, we combat food insecurity by offering food vouchers and extra meals to our most vulnerable families.

GROW Early Childhood development Non-Profit For Middle Eastern Children

Early Childhood Development

GROW utilizes the best Early Childhood Development methods to reach at-risk children aged 1-4. In order to mitigate the effects of toxic trauma on the children we serve, our teachers and staff are trained in trauma-informed practices. Additionally, our teachers employ the Active Learning method, which enhances engagement and empowers each child by offering choices and encouraging reflection upon those choices. Moreover, every child acquires proficiency in English and Arabic, and from an early age, they are taught sign language.

  • Trauma-informed practice

  • Active Learning Approach

  • Agency for each child

  • Proficiency in English and Arabic

  • Proficiency in sign language

Adult Mentoring

Our Adult Mentoring program has a significant impact on families, fostering greater family cohesion. Led by our on-site psychologist, nurse, and coordinator, the program provides families with a safe space to support one another, learn positive parenting skills, and receive psychosocial support from our trained staff.

  • Greater family cohesion

  • Safe community of support

  • Positive parenting skills

  • Trained psychosocial support

GROW Adult Mentoring program

Food Support

At GROW, we combat food insecurity by providing breakfast, a snack, and a cooked lunch daily for every child. Additionally, we support families through the distribution of food vouchers. For our most vulnerable families, whose children are at risk of going without meals for the remainder of the day, we send them home with freshly-prepared meals.

  • Two healthy meals and a snack per day

  • Food voucher distribution

  • Meals sent home 

  • Fighting food insecurity

GROW Food Support program for children in middle east

You're invited to help GROW change the lives of at-risk children and families in the Middle East.

Your donation supports early childhood education, adult mentoring, and food programs.

Happy students attending GROW Non-Profit For Middle Eastern Children
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