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GROW's Impact

The GROW Center has a far-reaching and long-term impact as a community development center that emphasizes a holistic approach to supporting marginalized families. GROW impacts at-risk children, their families, and the community by providing the best quality early childhood education and adult mentoring programs, as well as offering a safe and loving place to welcome them when society treats them as outcasts. GROW supports strong family cohesion, creating stronger and safer communities.

Every $1 invested

produces a $13 return in society

Students learnign at GROW center Non-Profit For Middle Eastern Children

Educational Impact

We have a powerful impact on children through the Active Learning approach to early childhood development. This empowers each child, prepares them for lifelong learning, and prevents educational delays. Our all-female local staff are trained in trauma-informed practices to provide optimal education for at-risk children.

  • Active Learning approach

  • Highly trained all-female staff

  • Overcome toxic trauma

Mother and child impacted by GROW Non-Profit For Middle Eastern Children

Family Impact

Through our Adult Mentoring program, we have a lasting impact on families. Parents support each other while learning positive parenting skills and emotional regulation. Even after their children graduate, many parents continue seeking support from GROW. We provide peace of mind and enable greater financial stability, fostering stronger family cohesion.

  • Led by trained on-site psychologist

  • Parents supporting parents in a safe space

  • Gaining positive parenting skills

  • Creating greater family cohesion

Community Impact

GROW has a transformative impact on the community. As a legally licensed Lebanese NGO, approved by the Lebanese Ministry of Health, our center serves as a beacon of hope and a trusted safe space for young children. With a decade of presence in the community, we have earned trust and maintain a substantial waiting list of parents eager for their children to attend our center.


We empower women in the community dignified and trusted employment. We have an all-female staff, promoting gender equality, and combating discrimination through fair wages, respect, and leadership opportunities. Our staff members provide a secure environment for children, greatly reducing child labor and trafficking.


GROW offers parents a safe place to leave their children, enabling them to seek decent work and contribute as productive community members. Ultimately, GROW fosters strong families with enhanced cohesion, leading to a stronger and safer community.

  • Transformational impact

  • Safe space of hope

  • Trusted reputation for 10 years

  • Empowering women

  • Reducing child labor and trafficking

  • Strong families create a strong and safe community

Community impact by GROW Non-Profit For Middle Eastern Children


Children Enrolled

Since 2013


Local Women Staff



Parents Supported

Since 2013


Meals and Snacks

Served Every Month

You're invited to help GROW change the lives of at-risk children and families in the Middle East.

Your donation supports early childhood education, adult mentoring, and food programs.

Happy child at GROW Non-Profit For Middle Eastern Children
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