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GROW staff serving at-risk children in the middle east at early childhood development center

Changing Lives for At-Risk Children and Families in the Middle East

Lack of education, basic resources, and extreme poverty plague many children and families in the Middle East, leaving them with no safe place to go, no support, and little hope.

We are GROW

Early Childhood Development, Adult Mentoring, and Food Assistance

GROW is a faith-based organization that transforms lives and communities by providing early childhood development, adult mentoring, and food programs to underserved Lebanese, migrant, and refugee children and their families.


Children Enrolled

Since 2013


Local Women Staff



Parents Supported

Since 2013


Meals and Snacks

Served Every Month

 Learn more about the impact GROW is making.

GROW Programs

Make a real impact in the lives of at-risk children by donating to GROW today, providing vital support and empowerment for a brighter future.

GROW early childhood development for at-risk middle eastern children
GROW adult mentoring in the middle east
GROW food support for children in the middle east

Early Childhood Development

GROW uses the best Early Childhood Development methods and trauma-informed practices to support at-risk children aged 1-4, prioritizing language proficiency and holistic development.

Adult Mentoring

GROW's Adult Mentoring program offers a safe space for families to receive positive parenting skills and psychosocial assistance from a team of professionals, fostering family cohesion.

Food Support

At GROW, we combat food insecurity by providing daily meals to children, distributing food vouchers to families, and sending fresh meals home with at-risk children.

Founded in 2013, GROW (a Philemon Project program) in Beirut, Lebanon, provides underserved children with quality early childhood education and enhances family cohesion through adult mentoring.

Since our beginning, we have successfully transformed thousands of at-risk children and families in our community through our programs, which has been a true blessing.

Our goal is to expand the reach of our early childhood development and adult mentoring programs across the Middle East region, allowing other communities to adopt our holistic approach and support marginalized families.

Meet our Founders and learn more about our work!

You're invited to help GROW change the lives of at-risk children and families in the Middle East.

Your donation supports early childhood education, adult mentoring, and food programs.

at-risk children and women in the middle east
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